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My name is Ina Clarke and I am originally from South Africa and am now based in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. I am a certified Therapeutic Reflexologist trained in South Africa at The School of Effective Reflexology Methods. I've been practicing Reflexology since 2003 and as a result I have had numerous positive outcomes with pain relief, oedema, hormonal and emotional imbalances, digestive care and auto immune diseases as well as pre and post surgery care.

As well as maintaining a successful full-time practice while in South Africa I was also lecturing and teaching reflexology. This for me was a career highlight so much so that I've decided to continue on with with this chosen life path in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I have a strong belief that the body has an innate ability to heal itself physically, emotionally and mentally and that reflexology is a most excellent tool to assist in this process.

I am currently practicing from my home clinic and am gladly accepting new clients.

Hope to see you soon.

Ina Clarke

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